JM Hidden Heart

About Me

Jacqueline Morrison

She has been drawing and painting since childhood, and some of her earliest memories are of trying to capture the beauty of the surrounding scenery during family holidays exploring Scotland.

She continues to draw inspiration from her surroundings. The diverse and dramatic skies, landscapes and wildlife of the highlands and islands are often the focus of her paintings. Family ties to the Western Isles make it a firm favourite for holidays and as subject matter for her paintings.

Colour is very important in Jacqueline’s work and her paintings are often characterised by bright and bold acrylic hues. A blend of brush and palette knife strokes give her painting a textured and lively feel. As a landscape artist, Jacqueline hopes that her paintings demonstrate her appreciation of the beauty of creation. She hopes that her audience will share this love of nature and find pleasure in her paintings.

Adding an element of fun, Jacqueline hides a crimson heart in each of her paintings and challenges the viewer to find it.